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Powder Bagging Machine

Powder Bagging Machine

Weighing and packing of powder materials into bags with minimum losses and zero spillage is achieved through Indus bagging machines

1) Net weigher
2) Gross weigher

Net weigher
The product to be bagged is pre weighed and then dumped into the bag. Feeding device is usually a twin feed screw conveyor with coarse feed and fine feed arrangement, alternately a rotary feeder is used for feeding the product into the weigh hopper. The screw feeder / rotary feeder is controlled by a variable frequency drive to obtain Accurate results.
Gross weigher
The product to be bagged is directly filled into the bag. The bag clamping device is fixed on the load cells for weighing. A higher rugged conveyor along with a heavy duty stitching machine is used to convey and stitch the filled bag. Optional equipment like vibrator are for bag compaction table up / down mechanism for filled bag compaction is provided. We can also design and supply fully automatic Bag filling machines with auto bag pickup and auto bag guider and stitching mechanism.
Special Features

Can be designed for Guzzet bags, PP Bags, Woven bags & Paper Bags with inner lines Sealing or stitching options can be provided.